BUGGY BOYS BELGIUM - December 2013

The year is almost over and the bills for webhosting and domain names soon will fill our mailbox.

Currently there are more than 27,500 photographs on the Buggy Boys gallery and website and almost 27,000 messages on the Buggy Boys forum.  And both website and forum are still growing every week.

To allow a full photo coverage of the shows in the coming season, and to continuate the image upload option on the forum, we are in constant need for extra webspace and ditto traffic. Unfortunately, good and fast internet still isn’t available for free. And cheap webhosting, everybody already discovered the disadvantages of those companies.

However, we would love to keep the website and forum free accessible for everybody. No membership fees. No costs to place ads in the “Offer & Demand” section. And no nasty third party advertisements all over the website either.

Therefore we want to ask our frequent visitors for a little contribution, an amount of your own choice and no strings attached. We were thinking about those who sold something on our “Offer & Demand” section and also those who saved themselves a lot of money and effort thanks to a golden tip on the forum, but of course, each gift is more than welcome !

You can bank wire transfer your contribution to KBC 450-0590201-12 in favour of Munters-Mertens with description BBB.
For gifts from foreign countries the reference is IBAN : BE19 4500 5902 0112 and BIC/SWIFT: KREDBEBB.

Or click the button below to make a donation with the well known and secure PayPal system ...



Updated : februari 01, 2014 - 18:18 CET