The last few weeks we got a lot of requests trough this website of people who would like to become a member of BUGGY BOYS BELGIUM.

Obviously there's a significant need for a club which can unite Buggy-fans in a relaxing atmosphere, and offer its members a possibility to exchange the required know-how to build, restore, maintain and improve their beloved vehicles.
The internet of course is the perfect medium to centralize this knowledge and make it accessible for everybody in a fast, interactive way.

Articles in a club-magazine, which is dropped once every 3 months in your snail-mail box, often already are outdated before they're even released.
Who wants to wait half a year for bad black and white printed pictures of a meeting, while the current digital techniques allow us to download these pictures from the internet even on the same day ?
Also, admit that it is a lot easier for people with specific questions to contact others on-line who already dealed with the same problem before and in many cases can offer a proved solution to that problem.

Do you feel a need for such a club, or even better, do you want to contribute to it, then please take the time to fill in the form at the bottom of this page. No strings attached !
There are no obligations of any kind if you send in this form. We only want to find out if there's enough interest to start a buggy-club of this kind, and if that's the case, you'll soon hear more from us in an email.
All provided information, of course, will remain strictly confidential.

BUGGY BOYS BELGIUM is open for all owners of Buggy's, but also all other air-cooled VW's and Porsches, and their fans.

Don't doubt, a group knows more then an individual, together we are strong ...




Updated : februari 13, 2005 - 04:29 CET