BRUVO Type Info
1968-1972 (300)

The BRUVO-story started in 1968 when Frits de Vos, a smooth guy who worked in the publicity - and showroom field, wanted a nice, exclusive little car. Given its restricted financial resources he decided to start building one himself in a rented farmer barn located behind the "Zestienhoven" airfield. The buggy-trend had attracted his attention and thus it was in that style that Frits made a wooden model on an unshortened Beetle-chassis.

His sailor friend, Bernard the Bruyn, who studied economy at the college in Rotterdam, also was interested in having his own buggy, and therefore he provided Frits with some money necessary to create a mold to make a fiberglass buggy body for each of them. But the modest budget from their savings account was by far not enough to bring this project to a successful end. When they were about to get stuck halfway because of the money lack, Bernard realized that there was only one way to be able to get out of the costs : not just using the mold for two cars like initially was the intention, but producing a small series to put for sale instead.

But that would be starting a little fiberglass factory. Nevertheless they thought more and more of this option. Eventually one of them should dedicate himself full-time to the Bruvo Road Buggy. (The way the project was baptized in the meanwhile) Frits resigned from his day job and concentrated on building the buggy. In the meantime the hard studying, hard working Bernard kept both of them alive.

Some time later the test model of the BRUVO came on the road. (BRUVO is an astringency of the names BRUyn and VOs).

The first buggy bodies got sold like cookies, but then they had to face new problems. In spite of the fluent sales there still wasn't enough money to make the investments possible which a serial production demands. And what's more, the old barn, where both started their passion, certainly didn't meet the requirements to start a mass production. Fortunately, a publication in the newspaper, drew the attention of a few wealthy businessmen, as a result of which eventually 300 Bruvo's could be made.



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