How the idea arose .......

Finally, I'm packed and sacked, ready to start the trip.

My dream, which was on my mind since a very long time, to drive to Denmark finally will come true, I can't imagine a more beautiful vacation than to drive my yellow friend to the perfect buggy country.
The sloping landscape and the possibility to drive on the beach, that's what I'm aiming for !!!
And then being able to combine all this with an aircooled VW meeting over there ...
"Yes Danmark Miss Woodstock is on the road".

What will I take with me ?
My 14 years old daughter and a lot of friends on my laptop PC.
What will I leave behind ?
My 9 years old son and the husband of my dreams, whom I love so so much and who grants me this journey from the bottom of his heart.

Thus fellows, volksfreaks, thanks to Cris, my long distance backbone support on this trip, you can follow my adventure (because that's it''ll sure be) with all the ups and downs.  I hope I'll leave a good impression as a "buggyboy" so everybody who visits these foreign countries after me still will be welcome there.


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