Hamburg (D) - Fakse (DK) ...

Hour Place KM Weather Traffic KM/H
09.00 Hamburg 0 Cloudy   -
10.55 Sierksdorf 100 Cloudy   52
12.05 Puttgarden 155 Scattered clouds   50


13.05 Rodbyhavn 160 Sunny   39
14.45 Fakse 275 Sunny   48

STATUS : Arrived on destination in Fakse

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This morning we woke up with real shitty weather, moist feet, but, for the rest, everything all right.  Thanks to our little GPS, we travelled fluently through Hamburg, and we had dry weather all the way to Puttgarden, where we took the Scandlines ferry.  No traffic jams to get on the boat.

And yes guys, we made it to the Danish border.  And we survived the boat trip.  Today we have 277 km (172 miles) on the speedo.  We stopped in Fakse so tomorrow morning we won't have to drive too far anymore to the Bugs Funny show.  They have a guided tour on their program, and we don't want to miss that one.

The buggy is still running fine.  We aren't playing music on the road, so I can concentrate on the sound of the engine, and atop a.s.a.p. in case I might hear strange noises in the rear.  A few times we smelled burned rubber on our trip today, and we are always very happy to discover that that smell didn't come from the buggy.  I have no idea about the speed we're driving at (the speedometer broke down), therefore I always keep an eye on the tacho which I keep at an average of 2800 rpm.  In Danmark, you're obligated to drive with your main lights on, but we don't follow that rule (too dangerous to cause an empty battery).  A lot of people here say 'hi' and then we 'hi' back to them.  We assume it means  'good day'.  The traffic lights over here switch from red to orange before they switch back to green, that makes it simple to know when you need to start accellerating again.

Okay, that's it for today.

See you tomorrow & greets from Danmark !

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Updated : juli 20, 2008 - 13:32 CET