Copenhagen (DK) ...

Miss Woodstock was in town ...

Indeed, we took the buggy to go out and discover Copenhagen city.  A good decision if you ask me, because it looked a lot more dangerous with a bicycle.

First we went to the tourist information office to find out about the things worth visiting and how to drive there.  We started at the central train station, to buy the, yes yes, newspaper which has my interview and picture in it.  What's happening to me ???  And then we made a nice ride through Copenhagen city. 

My buggy engine still runs like a clock, and in case it would give up on us, that wouldn't really matter anymore, we reached our goal te arrive on time on the Bugs Funny show.  Now, there's no deadline on our schedule anymore.  Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind if we could continue driving flawless till we're back home.
When I started this road trip, I never realised that so many people would see it as a huge challenge and even today, it still doesn't feel like that to me, for us it's just a vacation, and we're having a great time !

Tomorrow we"ll drive the 200 kilometers to Middelfard, for a stop and a one night stay.

Greetings and till the next episode,

signed Nancy and Babette

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