Copenhagen (DK) - Middelfard (DK) ...

On TV or not on TV

As Cris Blitz predicted ... it came true.  It's only in the background of the story, but I'm on it, they filmed me and it might be broadcasted on the French TV channels.

This morning, on my way to the bakery, I ran into an impressive film crew.  You won't believe this, but there is a yearly congress over here for all the Santa Clauses worldwide, and several of them were staying on our camping.  It's midsummer here in Europe, and I was already able to hand my personal wish list to Santa today, and yes, he assured me he will do everything possible to grant me all the things on that list.  Strange situations to overcome when you're crossing Denmark in your buggy !!!

Later we drove over, at least that's what I think, one of the longest bridges in the world.  About 24 kilometers (15 miles) long and all of it above the sea, there was a stronge wind when we were on the bridge, an experience I'll never forget.

The trip from Copenhagen to Middelfard added like 214 kilometers (133 miles) to our counters today.  Another 100 kilometers (60 miles) tomorrow, and we'll be in Esbjerg, where the party (driving on the huge sand beaches) can begin.  At this particular moment we're trying to figure out how we can tape this for you with the webcam and digital photocamera.
Today I checked the Buggy's engine oil level and I had to add 1/3 of a liter.  The engine starts a little less easy when it's hot, but no panic, as soon as it cools down, no problems at all.

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