Vejers (DK) ...

Joy-riding on the beach

Todat we drove to Vejers beach, a 30 minutes drive from where we are camping, a very nice holiday village where we ended up with our buggy on the beach in a glimpse.

Woow that's really fun driving.  Soon you realize that a beach buggy is really made to drive on the beaches.  So far we weren't able to do a lot of joy-riding yet, Vejers has a 3 to 4 kilometers long sand beach, but it's mostly a family beach where everyone parks his/her car wit h sea view.  Really amazing, park on the beach, open trunk to get the beach chairs and sunshades out, et voil ...  You can see the funniest vehicles driving here : cross motorcycles, quads, sailkarts, .. I've seen them all.  Late in the evening, when it was less crowdy, we went back to the beach, a fantastic experience to see the sun set in the east.  It's a pity that I got the info about Rm only yesterday, and that the camping guide I'm using doesn't list all campings in this neighborhood.  Rm is located more to the south, and we'll pass there on our way back to Belgium.  To drive forth and back there now is a little waste of time, so, maybe next year.  Anyhow, I really had a great time driving on the beach today, our buggy looks like a sandbasked now caused by all the wrawling in and out on the beach.  Driving on the sand feels real soft, and sliding goes smooth and easy.  Videotaping with the webcam didn't work (technical issues), but our good old digital photocamera registered it pretty well.

That's all for today, I'm sure I'll have sweet dreams.
The buggy engine is developping starting problems, sometimes "click" is all it does, but no problem, Cris, my online support in Belgium, gave me a few good tips to start it anyhow.

Nancy en Babette

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Updated : juli 26, 2008 - 04:51 CET