Bremen (D) - Schilde (B) ...

Uur Plaats KM Weer Verkeer KM/U
08.30 Bremen 0 Sunny   -
10.25 Osnabrück 122 Sunny   64
11.00 Rheine 168 Sunny   67
11.20 D - NL 198 Sunny   70
12.05 Apeldoorn 275 Sunny   77
12.50 Utrecht 335 Sunny   77
14.00 NL - B 417 Sunny   76
14.20 Schilde 455 Sunny   75

STATUS : Back home

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The Flintstones are reunited

Yes, we arrived back home in one piece.  We spent the night in Bremem.  Very nice camping place located next to a lake, where it was bloody hot by the way, and there were people swimming in the distance.  And Babette would love to plunge in the water.
While a drunk guy was asking me directions to the busstop, Babette tried to make clear that we had to leave here as soon as possible, as a matter of fact (and I didn't even notice yet) we were standing in the middle of a nudists camp.  So, the plunging had to wait.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Cris, who guided me in this fantastic way through Denmark and introduced me to the right people, Thank You !

And guys, see you on one of the following meetings.

Nancy and Babette

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