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Spa Bug Show

Geplaatst: za, 18 apr 2009 10:36
door goforest
Hi to you all
Sorry this is english.I have emailed the contact address but have had no replie. I am asking about the Le Bug show at Spa in August a couple of us from England are thinking of coming over and were wondering if it was a good show with many buggies?The buggy scene in the uk is not so good not many want to go on journeys just local shows.Last year we went to the Le Mans Classic and usually have a couple of weeks touring the west country of uk about 1000 mls so we do use our buggies and think Spa could be a good trip.I have sent some pictures of our buggies to the contact email.

Geplaatst: ma, 20 apr 2009 05:57
door cris_blitz

Geplaatst: ma, 20 apr 2009 06:21
door cris_blitz
Hello Paul,

Sorry, but somehow I must've missed your first email,
however, I sure got the second one with the nice pictures !

About the Spa Bug Show on July 31 till August 2 ...

This is most likely the biggest aircooled event on the European mainland.
The past 2 years they had some difficulties to obtain a good location for their show.
This year they are back on their good old location : the Francorchamps Racing Circuit.

The number of buggy's you can expect in Spa strongly depends on the weather conditions.
A lot of us are good-weather-only drivers, some don't even have a softtop for their buggy.
But, if the sun is shining, they'll easilly have 50 to 100 buggy's attending their show.

For info about pricing and timing :
- VW Bug Show website

For (buggy) pictures of previous Bug Show editions in Spa-Francorchamps :
- 2005
- 2006