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The buggy from the early Hot Rod days now still is available as a kit !
You can build this tough buggy yourself on an old pré-1970 Beetle chassis.
You can choose the style and give it your own personal touch !  Its low weight (± 550 kilograms) and its low gravity point make this buggy glue on the road in a way which can be compared to a kart.


Hot Rod started its activities as a car company in July 1978. The business in those days mainly was buggy-building and garage company. In 1981, they started their own fiberglass department. From then on they developed, designed and produced parts e.g.: (Climate) Buggies, (roadharmony) VW-kits, spoilers, wide mudguards, interior parts, etc.... The component - and accessory business becomes more and more important.
Besides VW-chassis components and buggy accessories the demand for "ordinary" Beetle-components also keeps growing.

Secondware, a sister-company, which specialized in used Beetle-components, Beetle trade, plate work supply and restoration, starts in 1984.

In 1985, Hot Rod got licensed as an official Apk-teststation.

1988 is an important year with a lot of changes. The fiberglass department got launched as an independent company (Holthausen composieten BV) and Hot Rod builds a new place on the Leigraafseweg.

Six years later both shop and warehouse already became too small again. In 1995, they build an extra modern warehouse with 2 floors.
Hot Rod now is the largest Beetle-warehouse in the Netherlands.

Out of pure hobby interest their drag race team arises in 1996, and this is also the start of their own race department.
Several years with spectacular races against time and material follow. They developed a lot which was desired by other racers as well.

Since 1999 Hot Rod reenters the field of complete restorations and creates a new standard with the Hot Rod Classic® line.
Friend and enemy were happily surprised by the high quality and a nevertheless reasonable price tag.

Also in the millennium year 2000 several milestones were reached. The location of Secondware stands in the way for a new destination plan. Plans to move to another location were made and then rejected again. And the end of 2000 they reached a decision. Secondware will be closed. Most of the activities such as plate work supply, chassis restoration and second hand Beetles move to the Hot Rod establishment on the Leigraafseweg. It all becomes somewhat more tightly but there still is some unused space left .....

With the establishment of its own settling in the Czech Republic
, 2001 is yet another historical milestone.
Phase 1 of 3 ready, a complete chassis restoration workshop, specialized in Beetle and Bus, is in business.


HOT ROD Doesburg
Leigraafseweg 13
6983 BR Doesburg



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