When the interest for Buggy’s among the VW enthusiasts experienced a true revival in the late 90`s, John from JAS Speed Kits (who still worked for GP Speedshop at that time) noticed that there was a shortage of quality buggy-kits available in the UK. This encouraged him to start redesigning and sculpturing a brand new buggy from scratch. The aim was to improve the overall strength, legroom and appearance but at the same time keep the original 60`s style as much as possible. John, the owner of Jas Speed Kits, was a member of the original team which designed and developed the original GP kit in the 60`s and does all the chassis work for the famous GP Spyder kit which is still very much in demand today.
In February 1998, the First Demonstrator Jas Buggy came off the line, and still remains one of the highest quality buggy moulds in the UK today. The Jas Kit dropped many of the additions and style changes made in the 80`s, in fact it's very much a classic 60`s styled design. The JAS Buggy is the only kit in the UK that has been completely re-designed from scratch, using brand new moulds. Taking the best features from the MANX and the GP MK I, II and III, the JAS Buggy gives more leg room in the back (making a more practical 2+2), smoother lines at the rear (giving more attractive engine coverage), and an extra thick moulding, making the JAS Buggy one of the strongest, practical and most attractive buggy’s available.
With over 30 years of buggy building experience, JAS Speedkits is very much a family run business geared around ever changing customer needs and concerns. As Buggy building tends to be an ever evolving task, owners, John & Sharon, aim to keep in close contact with all their customers with impartial advice on anything from engine problems to chassis work and modifications, helping them tailor their Buggy to their own needs.

JAS Speedkits
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